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We answer to your more frequent asked questions. However if your question  is not answered you can always   Contact-us   or send us email at  info@cash24.bg

You have so many reasons to choose Pawn shop Cash 24. Starting from the best prices and flexible rates to the top Center location everything is designed for your satisfaction. In Pawn shop Cash 24 you will find a warm and friendly environment as well as a helpful and highly trained staff. We give great importance to customer needs so expect to find an excellent quality service.

Pawn shop Cash 24 has a different Business model from other pawn shops. We don't use middlemen and we sell directly to the market. Our prices are based on International precious metals markets and updated daily. We also have a global network of partners so we can offer to you the best possible prices. This is a Guarantee!!

Our Shops are characterized by Luxury and friendly environment and high security. In Pawn shop Cash 24 we care about customer satisfaction and we do our best to offer to you high quality service and the best prices of the Bulgarian market. Visit us to see how different we are!!

In Pawn shop Cash 24 we have fast and clear procedures. We do our best not to waste your valuable time. While it depends from the item and the volume of the goods, expect to receive your cash in 5 minutes!!

The only thing you will need except from the item is your ID. For your own and public safety we serve only customers with valid ID. Our procedure is very fast and before you know, you will receive your Cash.

For security reasons only you with your contract or your ID can receive your item. In case of difficulty to visit us you can contact us personally by phone and we will help you with the procedure.

Most of our customers choose to take back their items. If you have difficulties with the repayment you can contact us and we will keep the items for some extra days. In case you don't want to take them back you don't have to do anything. You have no other obligations.

In Pawn shop Cash 24 we use state of the art technology to ensure that you valuable items are absolutely secured. We use time delay safes,COT, 24 hour CCTV camera system and many others to keep your items safe. So relax, your items are in the most secure pawn shop in Sofia.

You don't have to worry for small delays. We keep your items for several days after the ending date of the contract. However, you should call us that you will delay because eventually we will consider that you don't want to take your items back.

It depends from many factors like what kind of item (Gold, Silver, electronics), the condition, brand, precious metals prices and much more. The sure is that you will receive the REAL and best possible price.

Unlike Banks and other Financial companies in Pawn shop Cash 24 we made everything easy. We don't ask for guarantees and we don't care about bad credit. With only your item and absolutely no risk you can have the cash you need.