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Free Evaluation

At pawn shop cash 24 we offer to you an absolutely free evaluation of your valuable items !!

  Yes it is true!! We offer to you without any charge or other commitment an evaluation of your goods.

Feel free to bring us your Gold, Silver, watches, coins, smartphones, tablets, laptops or anything else in value and find out their market price.


You are not sure if your items are Gold or Silver? You want to know the real value of your items in case you want in the future to pawn or sell them? You don't know if your jewelry are real or not? You want to be informed for the market value of your electronic device?

We are offering this service for free with absolutely no commitment!! Why we do that? We need informed potential clients who know the value of their items!!

Maybe you will be amassed of how much your items worth. At Pawn shop Cash 24 we will never force or pressure you to sell or pawn your items.

Just take a walk from our shop and our friendly and trained staff will take care the rest.

Magnifier for gold evaluation