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Gold and Silver

We buy Gold and Silver

At Pawn shop Cash 24 we offer you the easiest way to sell your unwanted or broken precious metals and jewelry.  

Sell all your unwanted Gold, Silver, Platinum, Coins, jewelry and get Cash. Why to keep a treasure in your drawer? Bring to us the jewelry you don't wear and take the maximum payoff !! You will be surprised how much money they worth.

We GUARANTEE that you will receive the actual value for your Gold or Silver jewelry. We accept any kind of jewelry new or old it doesn't matter, in any shape, size, condition and any content. We Buy all karat range from  8k-24k !!  

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How we buy your items

We will purchase your precious metals  based on the current price of Gold and Silver, percentage of precious metals, numismatic or collective value, weight of the metal and others.

Visit us and take cash for your Gold and Silver or come for a FREE evaluation. 

You have another offer?

Bring us the offer you have and we will pay you more!! Our prices are beating the competition.

The next time that you will decide to sell your precious metals don't forget to come to us.

What we accept

Gold Jewelry

We buy all kinds of Jewelry new or old even broken

  • Gold Rings
  • Bracelets, Necklaces
  • Gold Earrings
  • Broken Gold
  • Wedding Rings
  • Dental Gold
  • Gold Watches
  • Any other item
Scrap gold jewelry
Dental gold
Gold bracelets
White gold rings with precious stones


We buy everything containing Silver

  • Silver Jewelry
  • Silver Plates,Disks
  • Spoons,Forks Knifes
  • Cups,Foils
  • Dental Silver
  • Silver Wires
  • Any Silver Item
Scrap silver jewelry and bars
Silver plate and pitchers
Silver bracelets
Stack of Silver rings

Gold and Silver Coins

Coins from all Countries

  • Bulgarian Coins
  • Russian Coins
  • English Sovereigns
  • krugerrands,Napoleons
  • Turkish Kurush, Ata Lira
  • Collection Coins
  • Us eagles
  • Ducats, Franks
  • Chinese Panda,Lunar
  • Australian Lunar,Kangaroo
  • Austrian Philharmoniker
  • All Gold and Silver Coins
Stack of gold coins
Old silver coins various  sizes
English sovereigns
Gold and Silver coins and minted bars

Gold and Silver Bullion

We buy bullion from all major suppliers

  • Casted Bars
  • Minted Bars
  • 1,2,5,10,20,50 Grams Bars
  • 1/4,1/2,1,2,5,10 oZ Bars
  • Gold rounds and medallions
  • All sizes and shapes
  • Pamp Suisse,UBS
  • IGR,Nadir
  • Degussa, Heraeus, Aurubis
  • Umicore, Johnson Matthey
  • Perth Mint, Metalor
  • All other suppliers
Gold and Silver minted bars
Shiny gold bars
Stack of casted Silver bars
Collection of Gold and Silver Bars-various sizes