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Feel safe with us!!

With Pawn shop Cash24 you can rest easy knowing you’ll get your valuables back at the end of your loan in the exact same condition it was in when you brought it to us. We give great importance to your items safety and we do our best for delivering to you excellent  services.  Relax and leave us to take care about your belongings security.

We have great experience to precious items storage. We use state of the art technology  to ensure your valuables are 100% safe and secure. Every item is Safely stored in our high security Vault. For even further protection, we have installed frames and glasses and also 24 hours CCTV monitoring.

Welcome to the most secure pawn shop in Sofia!!

vault high security
CCTV  cameras

Security measurements we apply

  • State of the art Vault with time delay
  • Security glasses and frames
  • 24 hours COT monitoring
  • Hi End  CCTV  system
  • Insurance
  • And many more..

We take care of your belongings. You can count on us!!